Release the Timeline of Your Business

Stacks with Racks

19-10-2022 • 18分

In this podcast episode, Racks is sharing her journey and what it takes to build a 6 figure business. In the beginning she had trouble selling an 80$ offer but then transformed to $40,000 in pre sales and together we can learn from the trails of her timeline.

Everybody wants a quick fix but the truth is that it doesn’t happen over night. Business is a machine that requires years of ingraining a strategy that feels good for you. Know your timing is divine and is working for you, so let the slow moments be the juiciest part of your business.

Key takeaways to tune in for:

  • Trust the Divine Timing (1:15)
  • Beauty of the 'In Between' (4:50)
  • Experiment with Your Strategy (8:33)
  • Good Pressure for Problems (11:32)
  • Go Back & Build from Alignment (13:40)

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