Reclaim Your Elevated Standards

Stacks with Racks

03-11-2022 • 14分

In this podcast episode, Racks is dissecting elevated standards and how to reclaim the ideologies that coaches are passing down. She shares what it really means to uphold a unique personal standard and how to detach from values that no longer align with you.

Becoming the 6-figure entrepreneur version of yourself requires you to increase boundaries and keep promises to build self trust. But we are humans that constantly evolve, so the standards you set should change with you. Be aware of your intentions to shift the energy in your business and start making empowered moves you believe in. Release what you subscribe to from others and own your worth.

Key takeaways-

  • Universal Accepted Standards (0:40)
  • Uphold Your Personal Standards (3:29)
  • Shift Values 4 Empowered Release (5:01)
  • Build Aligned Self Trust (8:44)
  • Intentional Action Steps (11:39)

Links mentioned in this episode: Brené Brown's Values Workshop

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Links mentioned in this episode: Brené Brown's Values Workshop

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