Break the Strategy Coach Bender

Stacks with Racks

09-11-2022 • 11分

In this podcast episode, Racks is helping those constantly seeking support to expand their own energy and amplify the voice inside. Throwing money at coaching and courses is not coming from an empowered place, it comes from lack. Instead of overloading on information, transform your business by balancing the masculine structure with the feminine strength of self trust.

Strategy is something you need to build a business foundation but your personal power is believing in yourself. Detach from the details and recognize that you already have the fundamentals skills needed to succeed. Stop overcompensating when nothing is missing, what really sells your offers is you.

Key takeaways to tune in for:

  • Balance Masculine Business Structure 0:55
  • Expand Energy Outside of Support 2:27
  • Amplify Skills for Personal Power 3:45
  • Success Through Feminine Strength 5:31
  • Trust Yourself Over Strategy 7:43

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