VRS540 - We Could Write a Book About Short-Term Rental Management - With Craig White

Vacation Rental Success

03-01-2024 • 1時間

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At the close of every summer season in our 20-year tenure as custodians of our property management company, we met with our team and reviewed the ups and downs of the year.

There were serious moments when we looked at what we might have done better, and how those experiences would impact strategies for the next year.  We reflected on the crazy things that happened - the guests who arrived a week early or forgot when they had to leave. The wildlife that turned up to throw a perfectly good vacation into a tailspin; and the increasingly demanding and easily offended guests.

Like many owners and property managers in this business we invariably finished our trip down the season’s memory lane with the vow to write a book.

We haven’t done that yet, but after this conversation with Craig White, co-founder of CottageLINK Rental Management (CLRM), it’s a renewed plan.