VRS544 - How to Master Guest Screening For Your Short Term Rentals: The Key to Protecting Your Business

Vacation Rental Success

31-01-2024 • 51分

Do we need to know our guests?  They book, pay, arrive, stay a while, leave, and we hope that all will go well, the property will be respected and there won’t be a charge-back.  That is not always the case though, and while we can expect most of our guests to be great, there will always be a few that cause issues…and unfortunately, they can be the costliest ones.

Guest screening used to be easy in the ‘way back when’ days when we didn’t care as much about protecting personal information. Now that people are rightly reluctant to release too many personal details, it’s challenging to be confident who is renting our homes.

And when trust and safety is at the forefront of our minds, we need to have a solution to guest screening.

In this episode, Leo Walton from Superhog talks about the need to balance guest-centric communication with efficient screening procedures. The conversation also delves into the role of guest screening in damage prevention, identifying fraud, and combating fraudulent chargebacks.

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