Mindfulness and Creativity | Laurie Shiers

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

28-12-2022 • 35分

Laurie Shiers is the founder of Brainchild Coaching. While working as a copywriter for ad agencies, Laurie longed to create a bigger impact on people one-on-one. As a lover of the creative process, Laurie wanted to help people use creativity in their business and improve their lives. Listen in as Laurie shares insight on bringing mindfulness and creativity together. She shares tips and tricks on incorporating mindfulness, breaking through emotional blocks, and improving your business through creativity.

Timestamped show notes
01:30 - Starting Brainchild Coaching
02:23 - Opening your mind exercise
08:58 - Creating an open environment
11:56 - Working with clients
15:55 - Being consistent
20:16 - Creativity growing up
25:48 - 2022 and beyond
26:19 - Multitasking mother, wife, and entrepreneur
28:15 - Mindfulness routines
29:22 - Journaling
32:27 - Sneak peek of Laurie’s novel
33:17 - Creative projects

Laurie’s Website: https://laurieshiers.com/