Top and Bottom 5% | AJ Herkert

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

26-01-2024 • 50分

AJ Herkert is the CEO of TruScribe, which offers video production services and whiteboard animation software whose goal is to increase engagement and retention. He’s a 4th generation entrepreneur and has co-founded multiple companies in the media and communications industry. With clients such as NASA, BMW, Microsoft, and Sony Pictures on his resume, AJ has quite the experience. Listen in as he talks about AI, his origins, and things to look forward to in 2024.


01:35 - AJ’s Start

03:54 - Top and Bottom 5%

12:21 - Challenges

13:29 - Ideas

17:34 - Educating

22:18 - Telling a story

25:11 - Squigl.AI

34:58 - Global partners

38:16 - Cautious on AI

43:51 - AI Advice for entrepreneurs

48:52 - Looking forward to 2024

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