Getting 100K Students into College Each Year | Chris Krause

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

03-11-2023 • 50分

Chris Krause is the founder of NCSA College Recruiting, an organization dedicated to helping student-athletes achieve their dreams of playing in college. Almost having fallen through the cracks himself and almost missing his chance to play in college, Chris ultimately found himself playing for Vanderbilt University on a full athletic scholarship. However, he saw many of his peers, some better than him, miss their chance at a scholarship. Knowing how difficult the college recruitment process can be, Chris turned his passion for helping student-athletes and founded NCSA. NCSA has been featured in Inc. Magazine as #26 in the Fastest Growing Companies in Education category. Listen in as Chris shares his incredible story and expresses his passion for helping others.

Timestamped show notes
01:55 - Blessed
06:40 - 100,000 students with scholarships each year
08:50 - Digital Transformation
11:10 - What sets Chris apart
15:18 - Resilience
19:16 - Giving back
24:01 - Athleadership
29:10 - Teamwork
32:10 - College scholarship advice
38:37 - How it works
42:18 - Attitude
48:54 - Contact info

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