Negotiation Tactics | Chris Voss

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

20-07-2023 • 57分

Chris Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator and author of Never Split the Difference, Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. He has a masterclass on negotiation and is the founder of the Black Swan Group, which helps train people in the art of negotiation. Listen in as Chris shares important skills he’s learned in his 24 years as a hostage negotiator.

Timestamped show notes
02:08 - Chris’s introduction
03:39 - Empathetic and strategic
07:34 - Staying calm
13:27 - Weird numbers
15:43 - Emotional intelligence
23:52 - Advanced training
33:27 - Listening skills
38:24 - Intergenerational communication
40:36 - Negotiation during COVID
46:19 - Women’s negotiation
51:52 - Training Resources

Black Swan: