Overcoming Attachment | Tracy Crossley

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

17-11-2023 • 56分

Tracy Crossley is an author, entrepreneur, podcast host, and behavioral relationship expert. Her book, Overcoming Insecure Attachment, talks about how to take action and stop fear and anxiety from controlling your life. Her specialty is working with individuals with unhealthy dating and relationship patterns as well as those with behavioral issues like insecure attachment. Listen in as Tracy shares her story. From running a marketing agency to becoming a life coach, from working as a psychic to becoming a behavioral relationship expert–Tracy has had quite the journey!

Timestamped show notes:
01:51 - Origin story
05:48 - Ontological coaching
06:49 - Insecure attachment
10:53 - Improving emotional intelligence
14:32 - Awareness
16:26 - Impostor syndrome
22:31 - Insecurity
26:07 - Advice for women entrepreneurs
34:36 - Patterns
43:39 - Working with Tracy
49:20 - Finding someone
53:07 - Tracy’s podcasts

Tracy’s Website: https://tracycrossley.com/
Tracy’s Podcasts: https://tracycrossley.com/podcast/
Overcoming Insecure Attachment: https://tracycrossley.com/book/