Mattresses, Mindfulness, and Meditation | Shaun Pennington

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

12-10-2023 • 48分

Shaun Pennington is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, father, and soon-to-be certified life coach with the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE). Shaun is the CEO of Diamond Mattress, a family-owned bedding producer and supplier in California. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, Shaun has been recognized as a rising star and leader. He also has three patents and 10 trademarks under his belt. Listen in as Shaun talks about growing business, the importance of coaching, and how he handles the obstacles that are presented in entrepreneurship and in life.

Timestamped show notes
01:53 - Maximizing potential
03:34 - Foundations for success
05:22 - Personal compass
06:45 - Academy for Coaching Excellence
07:45 - Resetting
09:52 - Shaun’s Recommended Reading
14:48 - Willingness
16:13 - Shaun’s upcoming plans
18:50 - Mindfulness and meditation
21:24 - Asking for help
26:51 - Advice for entrepreneurs
35:51 - Going through crises
40:06 - Silent retreats
47:36 - Reaching out

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