Insights on Japanese culture for life and business with Tim Bunting, the Kiwi Yamabushi

Jandals in Japan

08-10-2023 • 54分

Tim Bunting, also known as the “Kiwi Yamabushi”, shares fascinating insights about his experiences as a Yamabushi practitioner and the philosophy behind their practices. Join us as we delve into Tim's love of an unfamous part of Japan which set him on the path to be invited to become a yamabushi. If you have ever wondered why? about many things that are done in Japan you might just find your answer in this episode!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Tim first came to Japan and fell in love with the mountains of Yamagata
  • Becoming a yamabushi and what they do in the mountains
  • The importance of the concept of 受けたもう “uketamou” and where we see it in daily life in Japan
  • Uchi and Soto: why are we always taking off our shoes in Japan?

About Tim

Tim Bunting AKA Kiwi Yamabushi is a certified Yamabushi (mountain ascetic) from NZ. Tim helps run the Yamabushido program offering self-development and self-discovery experiences in the mountains of Japan. Tim writes the Daily Yamabushi, a daily blog on the yamabushi lifestyle, and an avid hiker, Tim is currently hiking the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamagata and sharing the experience on his blog and YouTube channel.

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