Celebrating Episode 40, we let ChatGPT ask us the questions

Jandals in Japan

22-10-2023 • 32分

In today's milestone 40th episode, Jayne and Catherine have plenty to chat about thanks to ChatGPT which has provided the thought provoking questions for this episode. We'll be sharing some Kiwi and Nihongo phrases and traditions that have captured our attention. So grab your own favourite bevvy and join us as we explore language, culture, and quirky customs on Jandals in Japan!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Jayne and Catherine’s go to beverage and snack choices for an “On Nomi” or ONline NOMIkai.
  • A breakfast conundrum, which Kiwi or Japanese food would you choose?
  • Some Japanese slang terms you can learn that all the cool kids are using - but you probably shouldn’t attempt yourself or use them in a business meeting!
  • One beer in, things get wild: Tanuki or Kiwi, which would you prefer as a pet?

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