Setting Up Systems So You Can Focus On What You Love with John Goolsby

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29-09-2016 • 48分

Episode #5


“The ultimate goal is to be old and in love.”
That’s what our guest today, John Goolsby says he always tells his kids, and it applies as much to your business and what you fill your time with as it does to your relationships with the people around you.

John has been making films professionally for 30 years, and although he’s had to make a ton of changes to stay current with emerging trends and styles, he’s found a way to remain deeply in love with what he does, even after all that time. John’s company, Godfather Films has filmed over 3000 weddings, and currently takes on over 300 projects a year. Aside from wedding films, John takes on a lot of corporate projects and is currently even working on a reality show for A&E!

In this episode John takes a look back over his career in the film industry, covering everything from winning a national award for his film on floor mopping for a grocery store client, to now speaking at numerous industry events, and structuring his company in a way that allows it to continue to function without his constant involvement.

John has a lifetime worth of knowledge relating to building and growing successful businesses which, like it or not, is something we could all stand to learn more about if we want to make a career in the world of filmmaking. What have been the best techniques you’ve found for recruiting new clients and getting your name out there? Do you have systems in place that allow you to focus on working on the business rather than working in the business? Leave a comment below and let us know!

In this Episode

  • The hidden expense behind buying cheap gear
  • How defining and utilizing systems set your business up for success as it grows
  • The strategy John prescribes for raising your prices and and avoid pricing yourself out of business
  • How attending trade organization meetings might be the best marketing you ever do
  • Some of the common mistakes business owners make as their businesses mature, and how these can doom their companies if not accounted for
  • The importance of always continuing to learn and grow, no matter how much experience you have


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