How To Be Intentional About Your Film Career Choices with Evan Bourcier

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01-04-2017 • 42分

Episode #17


*Spoiler Alert*

You might notice while listening to this episode that today’s guest, Evan Bourcier uses a certain word again and again and again. That word?


As in being intentional, thinking intentionally, and making decisions about your work, your projects, and your life with foresight and purpose.

Despite his age (he’s 23), Evan has achieved a lot in the world of filmmaking so far. He’s an award winning and highly sought after DP, owner of a boutique video production house, Valo Visuals and runs a popular educational blog, podcast, and Facebook community.

What’s the secret to his success?

You guessed it: Being intentional

If you’ve dreamed about moving from event video production to commercial work for big brands, or making the jump into marketing yourself as a full-time Director of Photography, Evan has some great tips on how to go about achieving those goals with intention.

In this Episode

  • How to evaluate big projects that you might be better off turning down
  • Making the jump to becoming a full-time DP
  • Why you should be focusing on what Evan calls “Slow-burn” relationships
  • How Evan met his wife, cuz everyone loves a love story right?


[21:18] “I think a lot of the people who feel disenchanted are those guys who are at that middle tier, and trying to go up into the higher tier, and they feel like there’s nothing for them. There’s a bunch of people selling a bunch of stuff that they feel they already know. And so I think for me right now, that’s the biggest thing.”

[27:43] “I want to facilitate people making good stuff. Because I think that making good stuff is fun obviously, but I think that making good stuff allows you to do bigger and better stuff. What are the things that you can do to make your work better, that then allows you to then go up to another tier of work?”

[34:06] “If you’re not putting yourself in front of people, and engaging in different communities and networking opportunities and that sort of stuff, then you will always be that starving artist that is just kind of barely making it by in between jobs.”


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