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31-08-2016 • 48分

Episode #2


Have you ever dreamed of booking destination wedding after destination wedding? Maybe you struggle setting prices that you feel are worth your talent and the product you deliver. This week on the podcast, we’re stoked to have our old friend and wedding filmmaker extraordinaire Ray Roman on the show, who just happens to be an expert in…well, pretty much every area of the wedding film industry, but especially destination weddings and the typically dreaded business side of what we do.

For those of you who don’t know of him yet, Ray is widely considered one of the top wedding and event cinematographers in the world. Ray routinely travels the globe documenting weddings for high profile clients and discerning couples, as well as numerous star athletes. Ray has been the official wedding cinematographer for the Trump family, royal weddings and the highly publicized $20 million redwood forest nuptials of social media mogul Sean Parker.

So many wedding videographers struggle to book the type of clients they want, and command the prices they feel their work is worth. Ray shares some of his philosophies on what gear you should be investing in (it’s not where you think!), and what skills you should be building to set yourself apart from the pack.

Ray also offers us a peek inside his mindset when it comes to business, something that so many creatives struggle with, but is definitely one of the big reasons for Ray’s success.

Also, stick around for the end of the episode where you can find out where to catch Ray on his upcoming world workshop tour, a life changing event for many of his attendees!

In this Episode

  • Ray shares the hilarious story of the first wedding he ever shot, back when he was still working his day job as a cop.
  • The ideal scheduling mindset to avoid the dreaded “Backlog Monster”.
  • Why Ray believes women have an advantage over men in this industry, and what men need to focus on to catch up.
  • Which mental blocks still hold Ray back today.
  • Ray’s philosophy on setting your rates, including coming up with your own “Happy Price”.
  • How to get into the destination wedding scene.


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