How Using Templates And Stock Content Can Grow Your Business Fast with Motion Array

Grow Your Video Business

22-11-2016 • 40分

Episode #6


I know, I know, I’ve been there. As creators it often feels like cheating to use templates or have anyone else do work on our projects for us. To be honest though, sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to finish a project on time, or to be able to spend any time whatsoever with our families and loved ones.

That’s exactly why Eri Levin and Tyler Williams, co-founded Motion Array, a creative marketplace with a variety of digital assets that include Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, stock music and stock video. Their goal is not to reduce the creativity of video producers and editors, but rather allow them to save time on their projects and focus their creative energies where it really matters. Their content is all highly curated, meaning that everything they offer is the highest quality possible.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how useful some of their templates could be until they described in detail how powerful they are. I know I’ll be using them in the future for sure.

In This Episode

  • What exactly is a Premier Pro template? And why you just might want to check them out
  • The advantages of joining Motion Array as opposed to buying content piecemeal
  • Why I asked Eri and Tyler if they’ve been getting hate mail from their competitors


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