Women In Tech: Demystifying Venture Capital - How Women VC Founders are Changing the Game with Morgan Evans

The Everyday Entrepreneur Podcast

03-05-2023 • 55分

Episode Summary

In this episode, I interview Morgan Evans, who not only has founded successful tech businesses but also runs her own venture capital fund focused on investing in medical technology startups.

Together Morgan and I demystify the world of venture capital - what it is, how it works, and how to pitch a VC firm. And most importantly, we unpack the impact women are making in the VC world and the importance of financially backing women-led businesses.

About Morgan: Morgan Evans is a serial med-tech entrepreneur and investor with a passion for helping to catapult new ideas. She has founded or co-founded multiple companies which includes: Agitated Solutions (where she is CEO); a med tech consultancy, Avio MedTech Consulting; an incubator, Moonshot Medical; and a venture investing firm, Engage Venture Partners (where she is a Principal). Morgan has a degree in biomechanical engineering from Stanford University, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and earned her early career experience with two great medical device companies — Autonomic Technologies and Medtronic — before jumping fully into the world of startups.

In this episode you’ll learn:

1:06 Who is Morgan Evans?

5:42 How Morgan started multiple successful businesses

15:35 Venture capital: what it is + how it works

20:50 What happens when VC deals fail

22:59 How Morgan learned how to be a venture capitalist

24:48 Things venture capitalists look for in startups

32:24 On Silicon Valley Bank

36:02 How to get involved with venture capital

39:05 Boys club statistics

40:54 How to build a pipeline of women in tech

48:15 How to invest in women in tech

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