The Visibility Challenge: How To Overcome A Career Plateau with Kimberly Minor

The Everyday Entrepreneur Podcast

19-09-2023 • 1時間 1分

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Kimberly Minor, the CEO of Bumbershoot Group, which provides interim C-suite leadership and leadership development, process creation and improvement, and cultural transformation.

Together, we explore vital topics such as career plateaus and making yourself visible in the workplace. We dive deeper into the significance of sponsorship and the intersectionality of race and gender, emphasizing why leaders must be conscious of this intersection as they promote and build their teams.

Kimberly shares actionable steps on how individuals can make themselves seen in the workplace, why sponsors (not mentors!) are critical for success, and how to land high-visibility leadership roles.

Kimberly also provides her insights into the concept of intersectionality, where race and gender overlap, how this impacts individuals' experiences in the workplace, and why leaders must pay attention to intersectionality when building teams and promoting their people.

In this episode you’ll learn:

3:48 Kimberly's background

6:27 Why Kimberly started Women of Color Retail Alliance

12:40 On gender parity and lifting ALL women

15:01 Asking for what you want and conquering fear

25:27 How to harness your power to get what you want in life

30:20 How to make yourself truly seen by others

36:28 Why we should stop looking for mentors and look for sponsors

40:41 How to attract a sponsor

45:35 On being a businesswoman vs. a DEI representative

50:37 Why diversity should be a given

52:00 The intersection of gender parity and race

55:50 What happens when leaders don't consider race and gender when grooming leaders

59:17 A call for conscious leadership

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