Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Guest Curator: Courtney Barnett

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

International Women’s Day Guest Curator Courtney Barnett picks the music that means the most to her.

34曲 • 2時間29分

1ウィアリ2Olympic Girls3Make Me Feel4O Superman5Strong Woman6Girls on the TV7Keep On8イエス、アイム・ア・ウィッチ [feat. ブラザー・ブラザーズ]9The Body Appears10Mother (2010 Digital Remaster)11I Don't Love You Anymore12Woman13Not Angry Anymore14Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)15Houses16Respect17ばら色の人生18Hold Me19Bomb the Twist20No One's Easy to Love21what lovers do22Cuz I Love You23Are You Mine?24Mississippi Goddamn25Low Grade Buzz26Chasing Stars27The Face of God28Mist on Glass29バッド・ガールズ30Kong31I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night32In My Own Particular Way33Freight train34River