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49曲 • 4時間55分

1Conundrum2The Day After Tomorrow3Devotion4You and the Night and the Music5Peter and the Big Bad Wolf6London Towne7By The Way8Goin’ to Chicago9Dark Blue10You And The Night And The Music11FRAGILE12Nothing Left13Nature’s God (Sun Ra Sam Ba)14Everything & More [feat. Brian McKnight Jr.]15The Skater16Tangent17Omission18Summer Me, Winter Me19Why Not20Earthness21After Depths22Where's the Fridge23Dancing Girls24Dark Matter25Daylight Saving Time26De manhã27Now And Then28Fallacy29Ano Yo30Don't Believe The Dancers (Mophono Remix)31The Shadows (feat. Zac Colwell)32Fleurette Africaine33Misfits34Rings35ホエア・アー・ユー? [feat. ガブリエル・カヴァッサ]36Let Us Go37Wilford's Gone38Nice It Up39Alexander’s Realtime Band40What Will We Remember?41Colors of the Night42Icy Altitude43Karnatik Ravel (Radio Edit)44So In Love45Three Sisters46Eightspace 08222247Kojak48There And Back49Portrait of Guess