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Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


331曲 • 16時間3分

1Like The Stars In The Sky2TRANSITION II3Not Here4Meditation 35Deep Blue Day (Piano Version)6Lavender Fields7Awadis: Étude No. 8: Through the Window8Poëta Minora (Renaissance Piano Version)9Olive Tree10Spring11La Sieste12Awareness13Horizon14Innocence (Solo Piano Version - From "Innocence")15Golden Bells16Central Park, NY17December Rain (Piano Solo Version)18The Light You Are19The Way It Was20Fading Anxieties21A New Heaven22Communion23Only Now24I Know It by Heart25Autumn26River Variation (Amazon Music Version)27Flâneuses28Kimono292 Arabesques, CD 74, L. 66: No. 1, Andantino con moto30Origins31Fading Silhouette32Kveld33Theme and Variations in E-Flat Major for Piano, WoO 24 "Geistervariationen": I. Leise, innig34Pax35Up36Passatempo al cembalo, Sonata No. 3 in C Minor: I. Allegro moderato37Silently Drawn38Here And Now39A Late Call40SUNDOWN41Respiro 142Books and Cats43Karin's Waltz (Solo Piano Version)44Into The Wild45Frost (Grand Piano)46Lullaby For My Dog47Cold (Mvt. 3)48Everything Is You49Chasing lights50The Alchemist51Two Cranes52A Place for Us53Ourselves, as we are54If The Wind Stops (Calm Version)55saman56Sea of Stars57Currents58Ambiguos59Looms60Für Alina61Wait For me62Eventus Memoria63Whispers64Sway, Slowly65Rhetila66Watch67Rainy Day68Distance69Paseo70Youth: VIII. Buren71Peace72After a Visit73In Motion74My Favourite Colours75Fading76Dompierre: Mario77Ker Yegu (Solo Piano)78Different World79Sand Time80Quelque chose dans l’air81Implementatie82lumina83Plus tôt84Lawson: the color of the sky (solo piano)85For Carolina86The Accident (Solo Piano Version)87Until I Found You (Amazon Music Original)88Sarabande for Julia89Mazurek90Uncertainty91From Offering No Answers92Lanterns Ascending93Melange94An Amalgamation Waltz 183995All Sides of the Small Stone, for Erik Satie96Memories of the Moldau (After "Vltava", JB 1:112/2; T.111)97花の二重唱(エミール・ナウモフ編)98Kinderszenen, Op. 15: VII. Träumerei99Sueño100Blanco101Koral (Remastered)102La Mémoire103Sentimental (Piano Solo)104Petite Histoire, Op. 9: No. 3, Incertitude105A Shift in Perspective106Night Walking107Last Adam108Springbound109Bon Voyage110In Lucid Moments111Cour des Orphelins112Mancante113Tivoli114Solitude115Tristes116Gardens117Summer Flowers118Recuerdo119Eternity120Evolution121The Melody122Watching You Waltz123Forgotten me124Sorgløs125Motovilov: On the Road with Clouds126Fantasía Variation127Transitions128Fresh Water129Florida Breeze130Carousel131Luminescent132yanni (piano)133Lawson: to hold the stars in the palm of your hand (solo piano)134After Hours