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Amazon Music選曲


50曲 • 3時間56分

1Resonance Of Love2Looking Back3Silence4After the Day5Serenity6Carried By The Wind7Wisdom Found8Cherry Blossoms9True White Canvas10Desolation11Holding The Vision12Pacific Wind (Sunday Morning)13Morning Light14The Alchemist15Dreams16Timeless River17Child of Glass18群青と茜色19My Hope Is You20You'll Know21Feast of Immortals22tabula rasa23I Have a Dream24Poem+25Across the Sands of Time26In Fields of Peace27Escape from Gravity28Slow Buchla Sunshine (Edit)29New Beginnings30Rainsong31滴る雫(しずく)(ヴァリエーション)32Little Moritz33The Wandering Moon34From This Day Forward35Sentinel Meadow36Evoking Wonder37Quiet Space (From Celestial Reiki)38Don't Leave (Edit)39Falling Through Time40River Flows in You41Fall Rain42Silent Spirit (30th Anniversary Edition)43The Future Is Beautiful44Sundial Dreams45Marble Halls46A Fresh Start47Serenity48Deep Peace49Prayer50Walking Through Clouds