#64 Scarlett’s Female Lover

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

12-05-2023 • 59分

Scarlett brings a very special new guest into the GBW world onto today’s episode, her daughter, Mayko. Luckily, Mayko is not squeamish talking about her mom’s sexual explorations because they have always been so frank with each other in their conversations. Mayko expresses how blessed she feels to have had a mother who will openly have important discussions about sexuality and help her feel comfortable about such things. Scarlett has been so excited to introduce Mayko to Vixen, especially knowing how much the two have in common from their open and affirming relationships to their mothers to their excitement about sex.

Scarlett recently returned from a podcast convention in Vegas and wants to spill all the details about her trip. She starts by recounting her crappy day leading up to her flight to Vegas. The girls discuss how stress can compound our reactions to things, and in Scarlett’s case, how ‘hanger’ caused her to lash out at Mr. Vegas for not being able to help her in the way she was expecting in the moment. She shares how this initial conflict actually triggered some great discussions between herself and Mr. Vegas, and led to them defining their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Scarlett’s story reminds Mayko of how she awkwardly and accidentally confessed her feelings to her current boyfriend at the start of their relationship. This leads to a discussion about the discomfort that defining relationships can create and why Scarlett appreciates the flexibility that polyamorous relationships provide.

Scarlett then gets back into her story about the Vegas conference. She tells the girls about how while she was at the conference, she met up with a woman that she connected with through the convention’s app. This woman confided in Scarlett that she was curious about her own sexual preference and had decided that this conference would be the one where she explored her sexuality with another woman. Scarlett details the experience of going from wing-woman to hook-up with this girl to help her confirm that she is, in fact, a lesbian (and that Scarlett is still, in fact, not). Scarlett shares how her lack of discretion and propensity for antics seemed out of the girl’s element but they still enjoyed each other’s company and taught each other a good deal about themselves in the process.

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