#69 The 10-Second Man

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

16-06-2023 • 31分

In today’s episode, Scarlett gives Ryan the chance to ask a burning question. Naturally, he wants to know what size her tits are. The conversation unfurls from there, as Scarlett and Ryan discuss the challenges of having asymmetrical boobs, from finding a bra that fits to contemplating whether a boob job could be considered a business expense. Eventually, they get to Ryan’s real burning question: what goes through a person’s mind while asking or being asked out on a date?

Specifically, Ryan is interested in hearing Scarlett’s recollection of a recent failed encounter with a guy they’ve dubbed the 10-Second Man. This night was so bad that Scarlett has a hard time even remembering all of the dirty details. She recounts how the date itself went well, as he was able to successfully woo Scarlett back to his hotel room. But from there, things went south rather quickly. She describes the many faux pas this man committed during their hook-up, namely his lack of even an attempt to pleasure her. Ultimately, he zipped-up and peaced-out as soon as he finished. In ten seconds.

Scarlett tries to break down her theory of what was going through 10-Second Man’s mind during the encounter. She points out the irony in how his embarrassed response to pack up and go actually made the situation more awkward than if he had stayed and committed to pleasuring her after already finishing himself. Ryan and Scarlett agree that even an awkward attempt to reciprocate is much better during a hook-up than no attempt at all.

The conversation turns to Ryan and Scarlett’s numerous gas-station counter chats and the intimacy that comes from being a sounding board for someone’s post-date thoughts. Scarlett asks Ryan how his finger game is and scolds him on his flippant response, as answering “No complaints” is often just code for “I’m not listening!” She grills him on his evidence of success and he assures her that his proof is not just based on the sounds he can get a girl to make. They discuss his preferences for giving head, what constitutes a good-tasting pussy, and the difficulties of getting a girl to orgasm just through oral. Ryan flips the script back on Scarlett and gets her to divulge the details about her own head game. Finally, they end the conversation by discussing the mental and emotional aspects of sex and the impact this can have on a person’s sexual performance in the bedroom.

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