#59 Sex Toy Review

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

07-04-2023 • 42分

Scarlett pulls out her bag of sex toys and gets the girls all excited discussing the best options for solo pleasure seeking. From the OG Hitachi Magic Wand to the humble hand massage, the group weighs in on their favorite tools, methods, and placements.

Not only do the girls discuss the variety of toys, but also the partner techniques that bring the most pleasure and those best to avoid. The importance of clear instruction and communication is brought up and the girls share their frustrations over men who don’t listen to or follow requests properly. Vixen brings up a great point that the dialogue needs to be open–sometimes it may be that the guy learned a move that worked for his ex-partner but just doesn’t work on you. Being explicit in your discussions can help to navigate those conflicts and avoid further discomfort.

The ladies chat about fingering, recounting past experiences- mostly bad.  In one case even involving injury.  They talk about ways they wish they could help men improve; maybe they should get some first-hand experience being on the receiving end?  Scarlett reveals that there’s an upcoming guest, Mr Vegas, who will talk about his skills, because they’re some of the best she’s ever experienced.

There’s also a discussion about nipple piercings and the girls weigh the pros and cons of having them done. They discuss fears around the pain involved with the actual procedure, and learn some things that can be done to ‘test’ whether or not piercings are for you.

What are your favorite sex toys to use?

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