#62 Are Women Entitled To Pleasure?

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

28-04-2023 • 51分

Scarlett posted a video about women’s pleasure in the GBW Discord server and discusses some of the important points with Vixen and Lila. The video in question is a TED Talk from Peggy Orenstein, who has spent time investigating what girls are taught to feel about their sexuality at a young age. Bringing up this video launches Scarlett and the girls into a conversation about the orgasm gap and why women are less likely to expect or anticipate pleasure from a sexual encounter than men are.

Scarlett shares that women statistically feel entitled to sex but not to receiving pleasure from sex, to which both Lila and Scarlett anecdotally agree. Vixen, however, has had an opposite experience–she describes herself as hyper-orgasmic with her partners and has only had very few sexual encounters that did not end in orgasm.

The girls begin to break down the potential reasons for their differing sexual profiles, beginning with their experiences with sexual education in grade school. The girls take turns discussing their childhood experiences with their sexuality and the education methods their schools and parents followed on the matter.

Scarlett also brings up the connection between pain and pleasure during sex and why so many more women report feeling pain during sex than men do. The girls discuss the lack of education they received as young women on their own anatomy–leading them to believe that men are even less equipped for truly understanding female pleasure.

Scarlett shares some of the most crucial advice for men when having sex with their female partners: allowing space for a woman to feel relaxed and without pressure to orgasm is the best way to help her achieve that pleasure during sex. This leads to Vixen schooling the girls on the variety of different types of orgasms and approaches to sex, as well as her own advice to Scarlett and Lila and other women who have a harder time achieving orgasm during sex.

Before the end of the conversation, Scarlett brings it way back with a history lesson showing just how long women’s pleasure has been debated.

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