#63 Dating Profiles That Repel Women

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

05-05-2023 • 58分

Scarlett feels she and the girls need to put their expertise in swiping left (and, sometimes, right) on the dating apps to some sort of good use. They decide to hook Scarlett’s phone to a monitor so the whole group–Vixen, Lila, and Lolita–can weigh in on the dating app options. They hope their candidly honest feedback could save the poor, unfortunate souls of at least a few dating profile duds.

First, the girls compare their estimated swipe-right percentage. They discuss their general habits when swiping left and right and if they’ve ever reached a daily swipe-right limit or experimented with changing location ranges for specific events. Then, the swiping commences!

Some of the most common red flags are evident as soon as they start swiping: dirty backgrounds, group photos, and bios that lack substance, just to name a few. Through each swipe, the girls offer a refreshingly female perspective on each bad profile habit and even end up with a few swipe-rights for Scarlett to explore.

Most importantly, the conversation gets down to the heart of the dating profile game, which is about being honest. Scarlett points out that women are looking for strength and security in a relationship and it’s up to the men to put in the effort to show their audience what they can provide in a partnership. The girls discuss how guys can achieve these qualities on their profiles and why it's always better to be upfront and honest when navigating dating apps.

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