EP 233 Michele Traina Creator of Divorce Diaries

Blending The Family with Tommy Maloney

15-04-2022 • 1時間 3分

Divorce Diaries Show Creator Michele Traina

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If you do not ask the question, then the answer will always be no. I happened to be on Instagram when there was a notification that our guest Michele Traina was doing a live video. I jumped on because I've wanted her on the podcast ever since I started to follow her on IG.

I dropped a comment in her feed, and well, here we are.

Michele is someone that, if you get on her wrong side, then you won't be sleeping with the fishes, nope, you will be part of her comedy act. Just ask Police Officer Mike.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Don't have a meeting with her while you schedule your own meeting with someone else (funny story).
  • Does Michele's daughter think she is funny?
  • Is laughter therapy?

From Michele's bio:

Michele Traina is a performer, educator, and creator of multiple performance brands that carry a thread of healing through humor. She has toured around the country from Stand up to Shakespeare. Michele earned her Masters's in Educational Theatre from NYU and has her principal, supervisor, and theatre teacher certifications in the state of New Jersey. In 2013 she founded Propbox Players, a theatre company for young audiences geared towards inclusion and performance for diverse learners. Her one-woman show How to Be A Successful Teacher was in United Solo Festival in 2012 as well as multiple other performances in the tri-state area. She continued her one-woman show 'train' when she was getting divorced by putting her diary on the stage. Michele created Divorce Diaries in 2013, and it has evolved into a one-woman comedy show that laughs at life's beautiful mishaps.

A Jersey Native, Michele's work has a trademark accent and physicality to it, unlike anyone else. She's fiercely energetic and uses her own challenges in life to motivate and inspire her practice as an educator and performer. Michele's obsession with coffee, high kicks, and running literally everywhere. Her favorite role will always be a mom to her beautiful daughter, Grace.

Michele on the social:

Website: https://micheletraina.com/




Past podcast guest mentioned:

Kathy Hammond

My question before you go. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

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