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22-04-2022 • 1時間 2分

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My guest is the Co-Founder of Fathering Together, Brian Anderson.

He has a new book titled "Fathering Together."

Brian Anderson is a husband and father to two spirited daughters that keep me inspired and exhausted every day. Prior to co-founding Fathering Together, Brian worked as a social worker, community organizer, university chaplain, and interfaith leadership development consultant. As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fathering Together, Brian brings those experiences to empower fathers to be agents for positive change. When not working, Brian serves as an amateur chef for his family and works on his forthcoming book: Fathering Together which provides a roadmap for fathers using servant leadership as a guide.
But here's an excerpt:

The Book

Last year, my daughter told me she didn't like me anymore. It is something no parent wants to hear.

In that moment, I knew nothing I could say would fix it. I'd broken her trust, and it would take time for me to rebuild and strengthen our bond. In Fathering Together, this story from my life and personal narratives from fellow dads illustrate the changing landscape of fatherhood. The old archetype of dads being breadwinners doesn't cut it anymore. We must be so much more.

Thankfully, Robert Greenleaf's servant leadership model provides an answer. Driven by personal narratives from my fellow dads plus research and resources, each chapter creates a roadmap for deeper engagement with your family, your community, and yourself.

In the book, you'll hear from dads who've been there, failed, and succeeded, such as:
  • Ted who went on a personal retreat with his partner to mentally and spiritually prepare for fatherhood.
  • Victor who's quiet son inspired him to relearn how to get the most from life.
  • Matt who is learning new levels of allyship is for his child who identifies as trans*
Ultimately, Fathering Together is a nonfiction book that speaks to new and older dads who want to reimagine fatherhood and the relationships they have with those who matter most.

& The Movement

Fathering Together is not just a book title. It is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering dads to be agents for positive change. This book is filled with personal narratives from our members and strategies based on their experiences as seen through the model of Servant Leadership created by Robert Greenleaf in the 1960s.

Greenleaf intended for his model to be used within business leadership, but its value translates to fatherhood perfectly. Therefore, I'm breaking the book into 3 parts.

In Part 1, "Exploring Who Dads Were and Who They Can Be," I outline how past models of fatherhood left so many dads incomplete and disconnected from their families. Then, I shift focus to highlight new models that are emerging and dads who are leading with relationships and emotional connections.

In Part 2, "Applying Tenets of Servant Leadership to Fatherhood," I break down Greenleaf's model with personal narratives and stories from my community to show how to shift your mindset and lean into emotional connection.

In Part 3, "The Power of Community," I illustrate how we build communities of support, accountability, and vulnerability that work toward equity. Through this model, we can acknowledge our challenges and create strategies for growth and success with our children.

My question before you go. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

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Tommy has spoken at TEDx, Ignite Fort Collins, and Keynote Speaker at Everything Dad Convention. He even has won speaking awards through Toastmasters International.

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Tommy enjoys a good red blend while writing or hiding from the family. A dad to Betsy, Becca, Connor, and Duke (RIP), Otis. A husband to Ann.

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