EP 238 Freddy Angel

Blending The Family with Tommy Maloney

02-09-2022 • 1時間 1分

The question is, why are your friends your friends? We will explore that today with my friend and guest Freddy Angel. Freddy and I did this conversation with both video and audio. Here is the video link:


Otis in my office:

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Tommy has spoken at TEDx, Ignite Fort Collins, and was a Keynote Speaker at the Everything Dad Convention. He even has won speaking awards through Toastmasters International.

The author of the book "25 Tips For Divorced Dads." "Why not you, "Why Not Me," and "My Dad's Advice At 5:04 AM," is out in paperback. Tommy has written for The Good Men Project, Modern Gladiator, and Nurture Magazine. Plus, he has been a guest writer.

Tommy enjoys a good red blend while writing or hiding from the family. A dad to Betsy, Becca, Connor, and Duke (RIP), Otis. A husband to Ann.

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