Kore Combatives Podcast #4 - Simple Everyday Self-Protection Preparedness / Tips for Competitors II

Kore Combatives Podcast

24-10-2022 • 58分

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In this episode, Shihan Walt goes over the second part of his BJJ Daily Dozen Tips for Competitors, and Professor Luigi goes over what happened when a fire alarm went off at a hotel he was staying in. What lessons can we get from that experience?

In our RMA Warrior Principles, Shihan explains the 7 Ranges in Self-Defense/Combatives.

Great quotes of the week by both!

00:00:00 - Highlight
00:01:29 - Intro
00:03:00 - Part II - Daily Dozen Tips for Competitors
00:13:30 - Professor Luigi Process Before Competition
00:19:15 - Basic Preparedness When At Home or Hotel
00:34:45 - The RMA Warrior Principles - 7 Ranges
00:44:20 - Quote of The Week
00:49:00 - Train Everything

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