Make Me Water Pt. 2

Surface Level

01-11-2023 • 52分

Jordan, Damon & Tony are curious – how have our views around relationships become more fluid? This week we offer a second look at fluidity; this time through the lens of relationship types. We welcome Jahad J.C. Carter, host of the Hopeless Romantic Society, back to the Surface Level table. A topic that is enriched through the technicolor lens of Queer experience; we are sure you all will have a lot to say. Are our views around relationships similar to how we grew up? Have they been varied based on the partner? or are we still just figuring it out? All levels of experience are valid as we share views that hopefully make you think differently, even if you disagree. Get ready for the ride as we close this special bonus series. We know a lot but we don’t know it all, so join the conversation on social and let us know your thoughts.