Don't Ask Don't Tell

Surface Level

11-01-2023 • 50分

Jordan, Damon & Tony are curious – how does the approval of others lead us to hide parts ourselves? Today’s episode explores the idea of hiding parts of who we are to gain acceptance in various spaces. We welcome Elegance Bratton to our Surface Level Family. Elegance, the director of the critically acclaimed film The Inspection, speaks on his journey from Queer Marine to creative and how his identity colored relationships with people from his mother to superiors in the service. The title of this week’s episode, pulled from the now retired armed services policy, defines a policy many Queer people accept in various areas of our lives. We explore this and so much more so tune to hear what truths we are not telling. We know a lot but we don’t know it all, so join the conversation on social and let us know your thoughts.