How to Accept Help, Follow Your Dreams, & Teach Through Actions with Christa Janine

A Podcast for Moms

14-07-2021 • 1時間 4分

Christa Janine is a single mom, yoga and fitness professional, life coach, model, and an influential activist. Our conversation will inspire you to accept more help so you can continue to pursue your own personal dreams throughout motherhood.

We discuss:

  • Christa confidently stepping into life as a new, single mom - pursuing her 2nd Master’s degree 3 months after her son was born
  • How the support Christa received allowed her to continue pursuing her goals and dreams
  • Christa’s transition to owning her own business and becoming an online influencer
  • Finding purpose in setbacks
  • The Black Lives Matter movement, Christa being raised with Black pride, and how Christa approaches the topic of race with her son
  • The importance of having challenging conversations with your kids
  • The ways Christa makes space for herself through healthy boundaries
  • How Christa teaches her son about healthy relationships through her actions
  • Christa shares the ways in which she has “failed” as a mom and how those “failures” have helped her grow

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