Honoring Your Own Journey and Doing the Inner Work with Dora Hothi of Fuchsia Soul

A Podcast for Moms

04-08-2021 • 1時間 1分

Dora Hothi of Fuchsia Soul is a modern mystic, coach & artist, professor of Cultural & Historical Studies at London College of Fashion, and mum to an almost 3 year old.

During our conversation, Dora shares about her unique approach to pregnancy, her postpartum experience, and her creative and professional roles. The themes intrinsic to our conversation were honoring your own intuition and doing the inner work.

We discuss:

  • Dora speaks to why she intentionally waited to become a mom and shares about her life before motherhood
  • Dora describes her “strange” pregnancy, connecting with her intuition, and her intention for cocooning and socially isolating during her pregnancy
  • Inner child work, parenting with compassion, and self-judgement
  • Navigating motherhood as she pursues her creative and professional roles outside of the home
  • Sharing the domestic demands with her partner and how they balance their professional responsibilities and personal needs
  • Free government resources provided to families in the UK and the WhatsApp group Dora started for mum’s in her community
  • Putting yourself out there, going to parent/baby groups, and coping with postpartum through connecting with other moms
  • Managing intrusive thoughts and postpartum anxiety through therapy and self-care
  • Dora’s journey to modern mysticism and tarot as inner work
  • Julia shares about the tarot reading she had with Dora
  • Dora’s path learning to love her body
  • Dora is launching a program called “Time to Glow Up”: a 1-on-1 coaching program that helps women heal their relationship with their body (DM Dora on Instagram to learn more, @FucshiaSoul)
  • Dora shares a body-love exercise for moms