The Importance of Living with Intention + Ritual and Land Stewardship with Jessie Gardner

A Podcast for Moms

27-10-2021 • 58分

Julia invited Jessie Gardner to be a guest on the podcast because she absolutely loves the way Jessie writes about life and motherhood. Jessie - a mom to three young girls - lives intentionally through ritual and she is passionate about the mindful cultivation of food and soil.

During our conversation, Jessie shares the journey that led her to the powerful practices of intention and ritual. She also explains how living with intention guided her to develop a life centered around nature, growing her own food, and nurturing healthy soil.

We Discuss:

  • How Jessie’s experience in a toxic, corporate environment led her to creating small, daily rituals rooted in intention and adventure
  • Jessie’s daily rituals inspired her to leave her corporate job and start a mindful business - Hey Soul
  • Jessie explains how and why her family made the intentional choice to move from California to Austin, TX - a decision that required them to move away from their families and life-long friends
  • We discuss Jessie’s journey to land stewardship and the link between soil health, gut health, and climate change
  • Jessie shares the inspiration behind the permaculture garden she is building in her own backyard and why she prioritizes ample outdoor time for her daughters
  • Jessie explains how toxic chemicals used in lawn care  - like glyphosate - impact our overall health and she provides resources to combat toxic chemicals in your own neighborhood and community (see below)
  • Jessie’s suggests tapping into local FaceBook Gardening Groups and the organization, Farmer’s Footprint, for gardening resources (see below)
  • Jessie’s advice for starting a garden: begin with what’s easy and be honest about what you can maintain
  • Julia and Jessie talk about parenting during the pandemic - Jessie shares her experience balancing work life with homeschooling
  • Jessie vision for her future: connecting multi-generations around the soil



Resources for Land Stewardship:

Articles and Books: