Transforming Birth and Postpartum: From Humility & Pain to Healing & Empowerment with Chyla Walsh

A Podcast for Moms

15-09-2021 • 1時間 29分

Chyla Walsh is a mama, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a creative soul, and a soul on a mission. She currently resides in her home state of Pennsylvania. Shortly before Chyla became a mom, she launched Female Rebels - Female Rebels offers in person and online workshops, courses, and retreats where women gather to remember their divinity.

During our conversation, Chyla shares about her offerings through Female Rebels; her journey into motherhood; the hardships she faced during her first pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences; the healing and empowerment she experienced during her second pregnancy and birth; and her forthcoming program, Thresholds.

We Discuss:

  • Chyla’s early life and her first awakening - when she was living alone in college, away from her big family
  • Chyla shares about how she found yoga and the profound changes and growth the practice created in her life
  • Chyla tells the story of how she launched Female Rebels, met her partner, and got pregnant all within a year and a half
  • Chyla speaks to how she is bringing her creative-self and her mothering into alignment with one another, she said: “[I am] full on in creator mode and also full on in mom mode.”
  • Chyla shares her experience as maiden - the time she spent with herself before she became a mom
  • Chyla describes what it was like to enter into a relationship with her partner, who already had a son, and her experience becoming a soul mom
  • Chyla speaks to the trauma of losing her community when she moved from Santa Barbara to Atlanta
  • Chyla shares her about her pregnancy journey and birth story with her first daughter: she experienced a lot of physical pain and financial uncertainty during her pregnancy and her planned home birth turned into an unexpected c-section
  • Chyla shares her postpartum experience, she said: “the most humbling experience of my life was having my daughter” and “... the experience of becoming a mother, I almost feel like it’s unfair to say it but it was a very painful experience.”
  • Chyla shares about her second pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences: she had the energy to be creative during pregnancy - she channeled her forthcoming program, Threshold; she shares the practices she used to care for herself; and, she describes the experiences as “a healing and source of empowerment...”
  • Chyla also said that having a positive birth experience: “radically shifted my life and postpartum experience...”
  • As she shares the heart of Threshold, Chyla said: “...what is your authentic essence, who is she, may we remember her, may we come back to her as frequently as we can, and may we share this with our child because this is who our child came into.”
  • Chyla’s message to the Mothers: Find Community




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