Failing Forward: The Evolution, Intention, & Vision for APFM with Julia Sparkman

A Podcast for Moms

14-07-2021 • 32分

Julia Sparkman is the host of A Podcast for Moms and she is a stay home mom to her vivaciously incredible daughter, Sloan Sage. After overcoming a birth that did not go as planned and 18 months of serious postpartum anxiety and depression, Julia realized that conscious motherhood is a wild, radical revolution. And she’s here for it.

Solo Episode Includes:

  • The experiences that led Julia to starting A Podcast for Mom
  • Julia’s intention for starting the podcast: connecting with other moms + connecting other moms to each other, creating a platform for moms to learn something from other moms who mom differently than they mom, and promoting intentional parenting + conscious motherhood
  • Julia shares the Radical Motherhood Manifesto
  • The episode concludes with Julia’s vision for the future of APFM and she invites other women to join her on this project - Julia does not want to do this alone!

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