Using Astrology to Consciously Parent and to Better Understand Yourself with Ashley Tracey

A Podcast for Moms

06-10-2021 • 1時間 6分

Ashley Tracey - Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Rising - is an astrologer and self-proclaimed “science nerd”. Ashley has a background in nutritional biochemistry - she specifically studied the impacts of nutrients on a cellular level. She has been practicing and teaching astrology for the last 10 years.

Ashley became a first time mom last year during an astrological transit in her chart - don’t worry, she explains what that means during our conversation. And, as a new mom, Ashley began to focus on the ways in which astrology can help us to better understand our children and to consciously parent.

During our conversation, Ashley explains what your birth chart is and the meaning behind some of the basic terminology found in astrology; she shares about her journey to motherhood and her first year as a new mom; she describes how she has used astrology to navigate parenting and postpartum; and, Ashley explains how a birth chart helps you to better understand yourself and how it can help you to nurture your child in their own unique development.

We discuss:

  • What led Ashley to astrology
  • Her experience becoming a first time mom during the pandemic - she shares about her pregnancy during quarantine, her breastfeeding challenges, and what was happening astrologically for her when she conceived and when she had her daughter
  • Ashley shares what she gleaned from her own chart to support herself in her first year postpartum and how she processed the shadows that came up for her after her daughter’s birth
  • Ashley explains the differences between reading an adult’s birth chart and a child’s birth chart and how understanding our children’s birth chart can help us to best nurture them
  • Ashley shares her personal experiences leveraging astrology to help her make decisions as a parent
  • We also talk through what your birth chart is and the meaning behind some of the basic terminology found in astrology

Powerful Words from Ashley:

  • “...astrology really is a language, it’s like learning a language. So, even if it doesn’t make sense to you now, you can learn it - just like you do learn a language. And, the language of astrology is planets and zodiac signs in certain houses in our birth chart.”
  • “[your birth chart] is your soul signature…”
  • “...childbirth, for me, also in that womb space brings up a lot of issues or traumas or past hurts that are contained within that space. So during the postpartum period and through the year was a lot of healing work on that mother-part, for myself, so it was taking care of a beautiful little girl but also taking care of myself…”
  • Speaking to generational trauma: “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be right now. And this is the work I’m meant to be doing right now. Because it’s so easy to distract with so many other things... but in reality it’s like you need to do this... it was this feeling of, I want this to stop I do the work now.”
  • Speaking to the shadow: “..that shadow is to show us where things may need to be transformed and reworked and healed so you come out the other side, lighter…”




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