Navigating Your Visions and Goals During Life Pivots and Times of Uncertainty with Jacki Carr

A Podcast for Moms

10-11-2021 • 1時間 22分

In her own words, “Jacki Carr is a goal coach, motivational speaker and mama. As a leader in transformation, she works with people to amplify their voices and expand their vision and goals to better the future of the World. She is a Senior Lightyear Leadership Coach and has worked with companies like lululemon, MINDBODY, Patagonia, and The North Face and truly values companies who care for their people and the Earth.”

Julia has been drawn to Jacki for years - she is enamored by her witty intellect, love of books, her magnetic energy, and her mindful perspective. Therefore, she was so grateful that Jacki agreed to join the podcast to provide deep insights and deep laughs.

We Discuss:

  • Life pivots and what it feels like to no longer recognize nor relate to past versions of yourself
  • Instagram: the performative nature of Instagram; the mental, emotional, and psychological impacts of social media and IG; boundaries - both with what you post and how often you’re on the platform; the complex nature of using social media/IG as a tool for creating community, social activism, and learning
  • Motherhood: Jacki shares heartfelt stories from her pregnancies and how it helped her to start loving her body; her postpartum experiences; what it has been like to mother two daughters; and how motherhood has shaped her and her approach to visions and goals
  • Visions and Goals: Jacki provides tangible advice for setting visions and goals during life pivots and times of uncertainty (like motherhood) - she shares the beauty of choice, staying curious in uncertainty, embracing failures, and leaving room for the unknown

Questions Jacki Left Us to Ponder:

  • Where is community created if not on social media? Where do we find community off of social media?
  • “How are you cultivating community within what you are consuming? And if you’re not, can you?”

Powerful Words from Jacki:

  • On Motherhood: “I really found that motherhood slapped me in the face, in the most graceful, loving way. Like a love slap. And was like, ‘hey wake up, it’s gonna be different now, you gotta make some different choices, you gotta feel your way around, you fell in love with this body, cool now it’s time to listen to that love…”
  • On Parenting: “...parenting is such a reflection, moment to moment, second to second, of how you’re showing up, where your nervous system is at, and how you recover… especially when tired or a little sad about the world or climate change or whatever it may be...and hold two emotions at one time, there’s so much love and responsibility for your child while also navigating your own inner dialogue and emotions…
  • On Motherhood/Parenting: “Again you have to be in this space of listening… sometimes we get this idea and notion that motherhood is so much about leadership and guiding your child and shaping your child. I think that’s only a small part of it - for me, it’s so much about listening to who they are and navigating from that place and it’s daunting, Julia, because it can change your vision, it can change your goals in a snap.”
  • On Visions and Goals: “I used to cling so tightly to my goals, which can be pretty performative, you want to check a goal off because people might have read it or saw you post about it. And yet the human experience has grace, delete and edit and those buttons are because of uncertainty and mistakes and take twos and children that show you a different way of being. So I always have more than one vision, you can write your goals in pencil, and I befriend uncertainty as most likely the only constant that is available.”
  • On Goals and Community: “Goals don’t happen without community.”