NYC vs Spain and a Bruichladdich Scotch Whiskey Served Neat

Able Apes

24-05-2022 • 1時間 54分

Starting off the episode by cracking open a controversial bottle of Bruichladdich - The Classic Laddie, the Apes begin a dive into the world of Whiskey. Quickly the conversation evolves and we learn what time to go out with friends in NYC vs. Spain and more serious topics like the healthcare system in the United States vs. the majority of European socialized medical systems.

Liquid Inspiration provided by Bruichladdich - The Classic Laddie: This unpeated odd-ball Islay Single Malt was sold to us with a warning from the girl at the shop - "this isn't a smoky islay." One of us thinks this 50% whiskey is a "light summer whiskey" and the other isn't yet a full-blown alcoholic.