INFOWARS! Alex Jones loses $49M case for Sandy Hook shame, what about 9/11? Epstein Sex island.

Able Apes

11-08-2022 • 1時間 41分

Cracking into a fresh bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon the apes dive right into the deep end of the $49M judgment against Alex Jones. This is a hard one to get up to speed with due to the mainstream censorship and cancellation of Alex Jones. Looking at the surface and only at Sandy Hook, it's easy to write off Alex Jones as a crackpot - but the apes dig below the surface as usual. How did Alex Jones 'call' the 9/11 attacks on July 25, 2001? Are they really putting stuff in the water to make the frogs gay? Why did everyone act like Alex Jones was a lunatic when he talked about the Owl God Moloch and 'sex island' with Jeffrey Epstein for years?

Sure a broken clock is right twice a day, but this feels a bit more. You'll want to grab a cocktail and a comfy spot for this one, the apes don't shy away from discussing the American government's potential willingness to kill its own people. In other words - typical dinner table chat.