What Caused the Great Resignation: Smoke Provided by a VegaFina Nicaragua Cigar

Able Apes

30-05-2022 • 1時間 17分

We get an Able Ape-style education in cigars, Nicaraguan vs Honduran vs Cuban. Made in the Dominican Republic or Cuba - what does it all mean? Today we have some VegaFina Nicaragua Robustos to smoke after the 'cast so we learn a bit about what we have waiting for us.

The past year has been all about the Great Resignation as workers wake up and realize their worth in the workplace. Is it just a consequence of having had the chance to work remotely and not being willing to give it up? Is it just a consequence of inflation and workers are going to whoever pays them more? Or is it something far deeper? Come with us on a surprisingly cogent discussion on the topic.