Breaking News – WW3: Johnny FD & Bald & Bankrupt Return to Kyiv, Ukraine

Able Apes

26-05-2022 • 1時間 14分

The Able Apes wake up to a world at risk of war and ponder how we got here. Is the threat to global peace as serious as our mainstream media reports? Will inflation ever stop? Does shutting off your hotel room light in Las Vegas help save the planet? As usual, we tackle all the hard-hitting questions from your week.

Inspiration: Johnny FD is a YouTuber who owns homes in Kyiv and Kharkiv - he left at the start of the war with Bald & Bankrupt - and recently returned to see how everyday Ukrainians are helping their country at a time of immense tragedy - an interesting perspective that will probably show you more than CNN or MSNBC.