Beware September 24th!!! Zuckerberg is bested by Rogan while the KGB rejoices over Alexa and today's mobiles. George Soros! Victor Orban!

Able Apes

18-09-2022 • 1時間 41分

Trigger warning, this episode is A LOT. The apes start off debunking the "September 24th'" conspiracy started in the Bundestag, but it takes them 20 minutes and gets them amped up.

Listening to Zuckerberg on Rogan, it's hard to believe he doesn't see some of the privacy concerns that even an ape-like Rogan identifies.

We all know that mobile phones are mobile spy devices, but now that we've accepted that, does anything else matter?

Finally, who is responsible? George Soros of course, while Victor Orban tries to fight the good fight. Sarcasm much?