Our First Date and Love Stories! Snowboarding, Babies & Dating!

P For Parents

31-12-2022 • 44分

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We are going on a surprise snowboard date and you are comin with us! Welcome to another P for Parents and this one is all about dating and mooshy stuff like that!

We first stop by the Spacestation to grab some snacks and a gopro since we are about to hit the mountain. We reminisce about how we used to go snowboarding all the time and I had this little flip camera that we used to take with us. I actually just found that camera not too long ago and it had footage on it from when Jenny and I played Goldeneye on the Wii with a clan. That was our first dip into competitive gaming and part of why we eventually started Spacestation Gaming.

Anyway, we start driving to the mountains and as we do we start talking about how we met, our very first date which was a picnic by lamp light. We went to a park I ran an extension cord so we could plug in a lamp to light our meal. We then remember our second date, where we went to a "haunted house" that used to stand really close to where our house is now. Crazy how that little part of our life came full circle. We continue remembering our dates before we got married and how much fun they were. We talk about who said "I love you" first and remember those crazy fun times when we were getting to know one another.

We are getting close to the ski resort, so we are going to hit the slopes. And of course, we need to do a couples challenge for this video. So we decide that we are going to hit the skills park together and see if we can ride a box not only solo but hand in hand. Also, fun fact, one of the peeks up here is named after my grandpa's brother who worked for the ski patrol. Always a fun thing to remember every time we go snowboarding. We warm up by the fire, meet up with some of our friends and get some food. Jenny tries to embarrass me but by shouting really loud while I'm getting my food but it totally backfires!

Back in the truck to talk about dating, we find that someone left us a note. It's from a friend who as watch our videos since they were in elementary and now they are a senor in high school. So crazy!! We jump back into talking about our dating life and what works for us. How we really enjoy doing dates and its hard when we are working, raising 3 amazing kiddos, and building a Spacestation. But when we do go out, we love doing experiences vs just dinner and a movie. We also have the idea of a P for Parents date night where you guys can go on a group date with us if you'd like (check out the forum above if you haven't already but are reading this).

We talk a little about how Niko Bear and Adley love each other, but just like any brother and sister, they troll one another. We also some how get on the topic of having more babies which according to me we are done, according to Jenny, we are taking a break.....lol.

Anyway, thanks for watching. Thanks for joining us snowboarding talking about dating. See you next time and maybe even see you on our group date!