JENNY is the BESTEST WiFE and MOM!! Parenting is hard, Perspective is important, Dad Day with Shaun

P For Parents

11-10-2023 • 45分

Surviving a normal week without Jenny.. wish us luck! I am exhausted, I don't know how all you parents do it, huge claps to all you guys. I am in single dad mode right now while Jenny is traveling with her family. I appreciate Jenny so much!! She seriously is the best and every time i have the kids by myself, i am reminded of how much i love and miss Jenny. This is kind of a different P for Parents, mainly because it's just me, it's a P for Parent. I just wanted to get on here and talk about Jenny and talk to all you guys, the parents, about how awesome you are doing at this whole parenting thing. Parenting is hard, and kids can be a challenge at times, but we got this! I am no expert on giving advice , but i love to share what works for me and my family. I also want to talk to you all about Spacestation, and me, and all the cool stuff that is going on and thanks to you guys, how it's possible. Seriously thank you for your support, it starts with you guys, the parents. Thanks for watching our videos, and playing our apps, and buying our merch. We love to create and make memories, so sincerely thank you parents for being such a huge part in that. In this episode we also take a deep dive into some BTS of filming our Youtube videos. We have received some questions from you guys about filming, and video ideas. In this video, we go over some videos on the BEST DAY EVER channel, on A for Adley channel, on Spacestation Animation, and on one of my favorite channels, G for Gaming! G for Gaming is a special channel and has become one of Niko and Adleys favorite. Video games are important and I am sure all of your kiddos love to play them as well, and if done right, they can be an awesome learning and relationship building thing to do with your kids. I am passionate about this subject and love talking about it with you guys. For reals, so thankful for all you parents out there, thanks for being our friends. I love talking with you guys and I want to relate with you because we are all doing this parenting thing together, and let's keep killing it! thanks for being our friend 🫶