Wizard & Witch Love Story! Valentines Night Playing Hogwarts Legacy

P For Parents

23-02-2023 • 37分

Valentines Surprises, Favorite Memories, and Frogs Happy Valentines Day friends! Shaun and Jenny celebrate Valentines Day together by playing the new video game, Hogwarts Legacy, and then they talk about all their old Valentines dates together. The challenge this week is they answer "Saucy" couples questions and whack each other in the face with A for Adley monkeys. After a long day of playing and celebrating Valentines Day with the kids, Shaun tells Jenny he has a surprise for her. He puts a beanie over her face so she can't see and leads her downstairs. While Jenny has no idea where he is taking her, she can hear very familiar music playing in the background and starts to get curious and excited. Shaun sits her down and reveals the big surprise. Hogwarts Legacy! Jenny is so stoked about it and Shaun got her favorite drink and snacks to go along with it. They sit down together and play and start their journey to become Wizards, or Witches. As they play they get to customize their characters to look like themselves. Shaun is "PiRATE DAD" and Jenny is "JiNNY MUM". They laugh and talk about their love of playing games together. Jenny is a huge Harry Potter fan and is having a lot of fun playing the game. Once they have a break in the game, Jenny decides it's a good time for her to give Shaun his present. He has no idea what she got him. He opens the her gift and it a little confused at first when he sees a "teeth chattering" toy. Halfway through Jenny's gift, they realize Jenny has been out of frame this whole time and can't stop laughing. They move to the couch now and start discussing old Valentines Days. Shaun brings up the Snapchat memories and goes through Facebook and finds some old photos and videos. Jenny remembers always getting a Frog from Shaun every Valentines Day. They have been celebrating Valentines together since 2008! They finish off with a couples challenge. The challenge this time is not a physical one, instead they answer "Saucy" questions about each other from the internet. As they answer, they hit each in the face with an A for Adley monkey stuffed animal and it's quite hilarious. We hope everyone had a great Valentines Day and thanks for hanging out friends!