172: Banning The Voting Machines Will Take Back America - JOIN THE CRUSADE TODAY

Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick

20-09-2023 • 8分

9/20/23: America has been hijacked by a tyrannical take over using our Corrupt & Fraudulent Elections. We have until March 5, 2024 to Take Back our country & Unconstitutional Elections - The 1st day of the State Primaries. If we have Voting Machines, the minute the 1st poll opens, America is DEAD! Arizona is the Most Important State To STOP THE EVIL & We're Asking EVERYONE in the Country to JOIN US! WATCH ON RUMBLE: https://bit.ly/FREETV172 THE NATIONWIDE CRUSADE TO BAN THE VOTING MACHINES - PLEASE JOIN US! www.AZSavesAmerica.us 1-CLICK EMAIL ALL 215 Arizona Officials (Takes Less Than 2 Minutes) BAN THE VOTING MACHINES + TAKING BACK OUR UNCONSTITUTIONAL ELECTIONS = WILL END CHILD SEX SLAVE TRAFFICKING! HELP Us Hold Them Accountable!  First AZ & Then America - IT'S TIME TO GET REALLY LOUD! We're Rounding Up The Warriors & Everyone Who Wants To Become 1! The TAKE ACTION Army! When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon he said "The Lord is with you mighty warrior" Judges 6:12 WE THE PEOPLE HOLD ALL THE CARDS, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT & THE REAL WHITE HATS! JOIN THE "SAVE MY FREEDOM" MOVEMENT TODAY & SUBSCRIBE! Pray ● Plan ● Take Action ● Stand Up ● Speak Up ● Show Up www.SaveMyFreedom.us "We're EXPOSING The Corruption To Take Back Arizona, America & Our Unconstitutional Elections!" YOU'LL RECEIVE: Take Action Toolkits, Invites To Collaboration & Strategy Meetings To Take Back America & Your Freedoms, "Ask Anything" Events, Membership In Our Community Of Like-Minded, God & Country Loving Americans + You'll Be Supporting Our Work!